Chiloé Island

It is the second largest island in South America with only five islands without inhabiting the forty that make it up.

The natural landscape is preserved almost entirely without human intervention such as the one preserved in the Chiloé National Park, which combines with a cultural scene of great mythical and costumbrista richness.

The architecture, for its part, becomes important for its “palafitos” features wooden constructions and for the religious influence of the XVIII and XIX centuries in chapels and churches, recognized as patrimony by UNESCO.

The destination offers visitors the possibility of practicing the agrotourism and an exquisite marine gastronomy and of pots and roasts of pork, lamb and beef.

You can meet and enjoy the varied flora and fauna and the beautiful places with historical, cultural, architectural and gastronomic value.

From Santiago you can arrive by air to El Tepual Airport in Puerto Montt. Then access the destination by land, from Panamericana Highway Ruta 5 to Pargua. Then access Chiloé by sea by ferries that arrive to Chacao.