Paso Rican Marriage ceremony Traditions

Atractivos Turísticos

Puerto Rican wedding customs are an significant part of the special event. These include food and drink customs, music, dancing, plus more.

Ceremony Practices

A Desfiladero Rican marriage typically commences having a ceremony in a church or perhaps other faith based location. The ceremony may include the exchange of rings, a blessing, a rosary prayer and a Virgin Mary offering. The clergyman may also offer a plate of 13 gold coins (referred to mainly because “arras”) towards the bride and groom during the ceremony.

Reception Customs

A traditional Malograr Rican wedding reception usually goes on until midnight with music playing an important part. Often crop up, classics and classic Latin music are played. Couples having a plenty of budget can hire several folk ballroom dancers as additional entertainment.


One of the popular Malograr Rican wedding ceremony favors are capias, which are limited strips of ribbon that contain the names and particular date of the wedding ceremony about them. These can become by bridging and gluing seashells at the same time or choosing all of them at the regional grocery store.


In Puerto Sabroso, the bride’s bouquet is normally composed of Amapolas or flamboyan flowers that are local for the island. Which means what is the best free dating website the basket is puerto rican women dating cheaper than a traditional floral bouquet, as they are conveniently found in the rough outdoors.


Traditionally, ladies in Malograr Rico would probably carry supporters in their garments, especially those in the wealthier course. The enthusiasts were often in different colours to complement their apparel.

Groom’s Halloween costume

For a Puerto Rican wedding ceremony, the bridegroom generally dons a classic dark-colored jacket and pantsuit. He will probably also dress in a darker tie and shoes, according to location of the wedding.

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